avatar TWIAMVs – Supplimental 9-22-2012 – Youmacon Hiatus Annoucement

Yes, that’s right, I will be taking a break from doing the weekly podcasts in order to prepare for Youmacon. For those of you who don’t already know I run Youmacon’s Music Video Contest and am in charge of the Video/Audio Track department, where we show lots of fan created videos. Due to my duties and making sure we have the best content at the con I will need to take the time I normally dedicate to having these videos out and up for ya’ll in order to watch through TONs more AMVs and do video work for the con.

Don’t fret though, I will be posting featured videos to both the website ( http://twiamvs.ngsilver.com ) as well as my youtube feed, so there will not be a break in content, there just wont be podcast episodes. Also, I plan on releasing the promised AMV making process video where I go over what went into making my AWA Pro video sometime in October.

Next week (Sept 24th thru 28th) will continue as a normal TWIAMVs release schedule, with a Review Monday, Topic Tuesday, and Watch Wednesday podcasts followed by a Retro Thursday and Featured Friday blog post. However, after that there will not be a normal podcast release until November 12th, after I’ve recuperated from Youmacon.

Also, keep a look out for AWA related videos that I will be putting up after the con as I will be doing interviews and other recording at the event next week.

Finally, as a thank you for hitting that arbitrary 100 subscriber mark, I want to do a special TWIAMVs episode where I will dress up in whatever costume is the most popular. Please post your ideas in the comments below and the best ideas I’ll put up as a poll. The most popular choice will be the one I do.

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