avatar Retro Thursday – Brad Demoss – Iris

Considering that today is the day of love, it’s only right to talk about a romance video. When I think back upon my early days of watching AMVs one romance video stands out amongst all the rest as being one of my favorite goto’s from back when I followed editors and videos via file share programs such as Morpheus and Kazaa. This would be none other then Brad Demoss’ video Iris. To this day this is still one of my favorite Ah! My Goddess videos as it brings back so many fond memories of watching the OVA, reading the manga, and even reading the episode picture book manga version of the OVA episodes.

Considering the year this video was made it, I think it still holds up quite well quality wise today. Sure it may not be in HD, but the video still looks great. The style of this video is one that I really love. Rather then using tons of cross fades, Demoss used hard cuts between the scenes, which in turn goes really well with the song choice. Sure, the scene selection does seem random from time to time, but the overarching collection and story makes for some powerful imagery.

If you haven’t seen this one before, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. If you have seen it, welp, no better day to remind yourself of how enjoyable this video is then the present!

Video: Iris
Category: Drama, Serious
Anime: Ah! My Goddess (OVA)
Song: Iris
Artist: Goo Goo Dolls
Creator: MisterFurious (Future Boy Digital Productions)

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