avatar Retro Thursday – babyvash – A Hellingly Thrillish Night

Thinking back to videos that I was the most surprised about when watching there is one video that stands out among so many and still to this day is my favorite video to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. I still remember the first time I saw babyvash’s A Hellingly Thrillish Night at ACEN’s AMV Contest in 2004. I was sitting with a friend of mine who entered a video into the action category when this video came up on the screen in the same category. Little did we know we were in for an entertaining and odd treat.

I started to get a little confused when I first saw Alucard lip sync to a bit of the lyrics, I wondered why something like that would be in an action video. It wasn’t until Alucard began dancing on the screen that I realized that we were all just thrown a fast one and were actually watching a comedic action video. At times it takes itself seriously as a horror and action video, but it’s all kept tongue in cheek as we see the dancing Alucards and the comedic audio syncing.

In the end the video didn’t win best Action, but it did take home the Most Original award that year. Honestly, it’s the weird and whimsy videos like this that I wind up enjoying the most when going through videos for judging at cons. They break up the monotony of a category and just make you smile. I really wish there were more videos like this one out there. Go on, give it a watch, you know you want to. And don’t blame me if you get the urge to join in on the dancing!

Video: A Hellingly Thrillish Night
Category: Action, Comedy, Horror
Anime: Hellsing
Song: Thriller
Artist: Michael Jackson
Creator: babyvash (Dragon Eye Studios)

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