avatar Retro Thursday – Aluminum Studios – Dreams of Red

One of the videos I think back on that really captivated me in my early days of AMV and anime fandom was Dreams of Red by Aluminum Studios. Aluminum was one of the early editors that I followed and help shape me as an editor myself as their videos were part of the list that I tried to emulate the style from for my own AMVs. Not to mention that this was a video dealing with Sailor Moon, my first anime love, and made for a great character profile for Sailor Mars. These two items were both very interesting to see as at the time and even today it is rare to see a video using this source that is of such high quality.

One of the things I really enjoyed about this video is that it used a song by Sting that I really enjoyed. The music drew me in and then the video overlays and simple effects blew me away. Sure, the effects in this video aren’t anything too complicated and are fairly commonplace today, but back in the early days of digital editing it was quite impressive. The story of the video is quite powerful, however if you haven’t seen Sailor Moon (really? go fix that now!) it does contain quite a few spoilers.

This is just another video that I feel every AMV fan and Sailor Moon fan should see. Despite it’s age it still holds up against today’s crop. Give it a look and let me know what you think.

Video: Dreams of Red
Category: Drama, Character Profile, Serious
Anime: Sailor Moon
Song: Desert Rose
Artist: Sting
Creator: aluminumstudios (Aluminum Studios)

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