avatar Podcast Updates: AWA Draws Near – Temporary Podcast/Stream Suspension

Sigh… Those of you who read last week’s Topic Tuesday post already know, but those of you who haven’t, Anime Weekend Atlanta’s Profession Contest’s deadline is fast approaching. In fact, the deadline is next Monday. As I’ve already stated, I have a very annoying work schedule this week (having to switch to working 3rd shift at the end of the week without any time to adjust my sleep schedule beforehand) followed by spending the weekend with my family as it’s my mom’s 50th this weekend. So lets just say that my free time is really limited this week. I would love to work on my videos for the con while I’m visiting but I don’t expect to have a whole lot of time to myself and my laptop wasn’t exactly designed to edit with, especially HD video.

Enough with the excuses. Basically, I’m going to temporarily suspend the normal video podcasts, that is Review Monday, Topic Tuesday, and Watch Wednesday, for this coming week. I didn’t want to have to do this, but I really need the time to finish at the very least 1 video for the con, and let me tell you, this video is kicking my butt as far as the time it’s taking to finish it. This is easily the longest I’ve spent on a video to date, and I’d hate to not meet my deadline.

In light of this, I will continue to update the website throughout the week. I plan to put up 3 special Video Spotlight posts, 1 for each missed podcast day, in order to help make up for this. Expect the first post to go live between 12 and 1 PM EDT today. Retro Thursday and Featured Friday posts will still happen as normal however, so keep watch for them at their normal times.

This also means that there will not be a livestream this Saturday either. I just wont be home in order to make sure it happens without incident. But don’t worry, we will pick back up with our normal schedule next week, starting Monday the 27th with another Review Monday episode.

I do plan to do something special for ya’ll in light of my editing bug. I plan to make up a special behind the scenes video, showing my process, for these AWA videos. Of course, due to the nature of the Professional contest, where part of the game is guessing who’s videos are who’s I wont be able to release this special video until voting is over. But I’ll keep ya’ll updated as far as the progress goes.

Either way, I look forward to seeing ya’ll next week. Enjoy the spotlights in the meantime.

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