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  • I keep hearing about some thing called Twilight AMVs. What is it?
    • It’s actually This Week in AMVs, or twiamvs for short. TWIAMVs is a podcast/livestream network dedicated to bringing you content related to fan created music videos. We provide podcasts via our Youtube channel discussing topics pertaining to the world of music video editing as well as discuss what videos you should go check out as well. We also run livestream sessions using our channel on Livestream.com showcasing videos that have come out recently as well as other special streams.
  • That’s really cool and all, but seriously, I really want to know what Twilight AMVs is!
    • Ok, ok I’ll tell ya. Before we began doing video podcasts and even livestreams TWIAMVs did voice podcasts over skype where multiple editors would come together to discuss topics pertaining to amvs. One of our co-hosts, Fall_Child42 enjoyed calling the show Twilight AMVs because the shorthand twiamvs kind of looked like a shorthand of twilight amvs rather then this week in amvs. The nick name kind of stuck.
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