avatar TWIAMVs – Supplimental 9-22-2012 – Youmacon Hiatus Annoucement

Yes, that’s right, I will be taking a break from doing the weekly podcasts in order to prepare for Youmacon. For those of you who don’t already know I run Youmacon’s Music Video Contest and am in charge of the Video/Audio Track department, where we show lots of fan created videos. Due to my duties and making sure we have the best content at the con I will need to take the time I normally dedicate to having these videos out and up for ya’ll in order to watch through TONs more AMVs and do video work for the con.

Don’t fret though, I will be posting featured videos to both the website ( http://twiamvs.ngsilver.com ) as well as my youtube feed, so there will not be a break in content, there just wont be podcast episodes. Also, I plan on releasing the promised AMV making process video where I go over what went into making my AWA Pro video sometime in October.

Next week (Sept 24th thru 28th) will continue as a normal TWIAMVs release schedule, with a Review Monday, Topic Tuesday, and Watch Wednesday podcasts followed by a Retro Thursday and Featured Friday blog post. However, after that there will not be a normal podcast release until November 12th, after I’ve recuperated from Youmacon.

Also, keep a look out for AWA related videos that I will be putting up after the con as I will be doing interviews and other recording at the event next week.

Finally, as a thank you for hitting that arbitrary 100 subscriber mark, I want to do a special TWIAMVs episode where I will dress up in whatever costume is the most popular. Please post your ideas in the comments below and the best ideas I’ll put up as a poll. The most popular choice will be the one I do.

avatar Site Update – Companion Posts Update – Playlist View

In my constant quest to provide the best information to ya’ll relating to each podcast episode, I decided it was time to add something new to the Watch Wednesday companion posts. Originally these were designed to list each video that is featured in the watch wednesday episode while removing that extra clutter from the actual episode post and cleaning up the RSS feed especially for itunes. However, since the first episode I’ve been providing a playlist on youtube of each video that I feature for the linked episode. So why not also link to that playlist?

I figured I’d do one better, rather then just linking to the playlist, why not just embed it into the post so that ya’ll can watch the playlist right from the site if ya want without having to goto youtube, but still being able to head over to youtube if you so desire? So that’s what I did.

I’ve gone back and updated all the previous Watch Wednesday posts as well with the attached playlists. Enjoy the videos.

avatar New Site Design

Welp, the new site is up and running. After going over the re-design I was planning on using I decided to switch to something a little bit more easier to deal with and that I could have more control over without having to do a bunch of backend programming. So yeah, I settled on wordpress. Here’s hoping it actually pans out.

Below is a test of the video feed. 1st set is for the streaming here, 2nd is for the YT version. Below the videos are links to the downloadable versions as well.