avatar Review Monday – 11-19-2012

Today’s review video is:

Video: Unexpected
Category: Action, Drama, Serious
Anime: Air, Kanon (TV – 2006), Darker Than BLACK (TV), etc. (+16)
Song: Radio Protector
Artist: 65 Days of Static
Creator: alien762

avatar Review Monday – 11-12-2012

Today’s review video is:

Video: Watery Symphony of Kai
Category: Other, Character Profile, Sentimental
Anime: Place Promised in Our Early Days, The (Beyond the Clouds), Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu, Chrono Crusade (TV), etc. (+36)
Song: Mylo Xyloto, Hurts Like Heaven
Artist: Coldplay, Coldplay
Creator: siny

avatar Review Monday – 9-24-2012

Today’s review video is:
Video: IC4 Final Round (2nd place)
Category: Action, Fun
Anime: REDLINE (Movie)
Song: Finale
Artist: Madeon
Creator: Silk_SK (DZ Studios)

avatar Review Monday – 9-17-2012

Today’s review video is:


Video: Blue Morning
Category: Other, Character Profile, Fun, etc. (+1)
Anime: Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko (TV)
Song: Her Morning Elegance
Artist: Oren Lavie
Creator: Centurione

avatar Review Monday – 9-11-2012

Today’s review video is:

Video: Hurt
Category: Drama, Character Profile, Romance, etc. (+1)
Anime: Clannad (TV), Clannad After Story (TV)
Song: Hurt
Artist: Johnny Cash
Creator: Kyssifur (AMV Art 2.0)