avatar Review Monday – 04-01-2013

Today’s review video is:

Video: It’s Raining Bleach men!
Category: Comedy, Fun
Anime: Bleach, Bleach – Memories in the Rain (OAV)
Song: It`s Raining Men
Artist: Weather Girls
Creator: BakaViking

Video: AMV Wars 2010 – Why is Twilight So Popular
Category: Action, Comedy, Fun
Anime: Hellsing, Detective Conan (Case Closed)
Song: It’s Raining Men
Artist: The Weather Girls
Creator: SailorDeath (Sailor Death Productions)

avatar Review Monday – 02-11-2013

Today’s review video is:
TCNDP – Independence Day
VanHeist – GoGo explains the Glorious 4th

avatar Review Monday – 01-21-2013

Today’s review video is:

Video: Furinkan Stalker
Category: Action, Fun
Anime: Ranma 1/2
Song: The Stalker Song
Artist: Inside Out
Creator: Roachlord

avatar Review Monday – 01-14-2013

Today’s review video is:

Video: Big Shot
Category: Action, Fun
Anime: Amazing Nuts! (OAV)
Song: The Mojo Radio Gang (radio version)
Artist: Parov Stelar
Creator: PieandBeer

avatar Review Monday – 11-26-2012

Today’s review video is:

Video: Dead Moon Masquerade
Category: Drama, Character Profile, Dance
Anime: Sailor Moon Super S: The Movie, Sailor Moon Super S, Sailor Moon Stars, etc. (+1)
Song: Hindi Sad Diamonds
Artist: Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
Creator: pink haze