avatar Retro Thursday – MyPsychoed – Slayers – Legend of Zelda

When I think back to videos that I cut my AMV watching teeth on there is only one that I think of that has such controversy regarding it. The funny thing is, it’s all about the song. So yes, while this does sound like it could be a SOAD song, it was actually made by an artist called Joe Pleiman and released on OverClocked Remix. More info on this fun tidbit can be found here.

As for this video, The Legend of Gourry by MyPsycohed, it is a rather fun little video. The mixture of this song and Slayers is such an obvious one. If only Gourry was as awesome as Link actually is.

Video: The Legend of Gourry
Category: Comedy, Character Profile, Fun
Anime: Slayers (TV), Slayers Next (TV), Slayers Try (TV)
Song: Legend of Zelda Theme
Artist: System of a Down
Creator: MrPsycohed (Giant X)

avatar Retro Thursday – West – Happiness Dojo

When I think back to videos that are fun and pretty silly, there is one video that I keep going back to and that’s West’s Happiness Dojo. The idea of mixing the Happiness Hotel from one of the Muppet movies with Ranma 1/2 seems silly and a bit of a stretch at first, but after watching the video you realize there is so much craziness in the series that it just fits.

For the time that this video was made, it has some pretty good lip sync going on with it, and the characters are cast well and don’t break apart from their original castings. The whole thing just flows from one mishap to another and in the end it kind of leaves you with a smile.   This is one of those videos that I find to be a staple of fun AMV blocks as it just manages to float to the top of the list every time I build them.

Every time I watch this video it reminds me that I haven’t finished watching or even reading all of Ranma. Perhaps I should get to work on fixing that…


Video: Happiness Dojo
Category: Comedy, Fun
Anime: Ranma 1/2 The Movie: Big Trouble in Nekonron China, Ranma 1/2 OAVs
Song: Happiness Hotel
Artist: The Muppets
Creator: West

avatar Retro Thursday – Bogosort – Cowboy Bebop Stress

When I think back on some of my favorite videos from back in the day I rarely actually think of this video. But if that’s the case why am I talking about it. Well, even though I never actually saw this video back in the day when it came out, it did come out back in 2001. I however first saw this video as part of the Super Happy Fun Time block at Anime Central in 2005, and ever since it’s been one of my favorite fun videos.

Perhaps one of my favorite moments in this video is when spike has the fighting conversation with the horn as played by Ed’s Dad. It’s a pretty interesting concept really.

In the end this video is just a great little character profile for spike. Give it a view and you’ll see what I mean.


Video: Stress
Category: Action, Comedy, Fun
Anime: Cowboy Bebop
Song: Stress
Artist: Jim’s Big Ego
Creator: BogoSort

avatar Retro Thursday – TobinHood – Dust in the Wind (Ballad of Fallen Angels Remastered)

When I think back to the defining videos, the ones that really tugged at me emotionally and still hold meaning for me today, there is really only one that constantly comes to mind. Sankaku Studio’s Cowboy Bebop Dust in the Wind video is the video that turned me on to singing Kansas when I would go Karaoke with friends.

True, unlike most of the videos I’ve been reviewing, this one is much more solemn. Not that this is a bad thing, it’s just something I should warn ya’ll about in case you’ve grown to expect happy videos from me.

What really stands out for me with this video, is the fact that even today it holds up as an extremely well done drama video. Even without knowing the storyline of Cowboy Bebop during the episodes depicted, as I didn’t when I first saw this video, you can catch the gravity of the situation and sadness of the story. This is the kind of storytelling that I love in drama videos, and the reason it still ranks high on my list of favorite videos.

Video: Dust in the Wind (BOFA Remastered)
Category: Action, Drama, Character Profile, etc. (+1)
Anime: Cowboy Bebop
Song: Dust In The Wind
Artist: Kansas
Creator: TobinHood (Sakkaku Studios)

avatar Retro Thrusday – Daniel Lemberg – Star Hazard

When I think about videos that used one of my favorite series, El Hazard, there is really only 1 video that comes to mind first. I wouldn’t say this is the best edited, best looking, best storytelling, or even the best video to ever use El Hazard, but Daniel Lemberg’s Star Hazard is for me the most memorable. Oh, and don’t let the last sentience fool you, it’s still good.

True, the lip sync isn’t all that great, but it’s enough to get the point across. The storytelling, well, it could be better done, but considering the source and song choice it is still pretty well done. The casting for me is what really does it. Each character is put to a character in the song and is kept throughout the video. Some of the choices are hilarious, especially if you know El Hazard as well.

In the end, this is just a really silly video with a really silly concept, and it’s just fun to watch. So stop paying attention to me and give the video a chance to shine on it’s own.

If my sister was as host as Ifurita, I’d have kissed her as well…