avatar Featured Friday – Driftroot – ‘Bustin

One video from recent years that has passed through the con scene that I have grown to love is Driftroot’s video ‘Bustin. As absurd as the idea seems, using Ray Parker Jr’s Gostbusters theme song with Final Fantasy 7, the final product is actually really good. I think the fact that it doesn’t take itself seriously really adds to the humor and ultimate enjoyment of the video.

The video often breaks into news paper clippings and cheezy news cast type graphics which add to the final product. The video itself plays a number of different angles actually. It acts like an advertisement but also live footage and pre-recorded footage and as I already talked about, magazine and news paper clippings. At times you really have to pay attention to multiple parts of the screen, pause the video, or watch it multiple times in order to get or even see all of the jokes.

In the end, this is just a really silly video that I love for it’s cheesy humor and simple editing. Even amongst great and terrifying odds and situations this video finds the humor in it all and that’s what I really love. Give it a watch and beware of side effects of it’s viewing such as dogs and cats living together. You know, real fire and brimstone type stuff.

Video: ‘Bustin
Category: Comedy, Other, Parody, etc. (+1)
Anime: Final Fantasy 7 (VII): Dirge of Cerberus (PS2), Final Fantasy 7 (VII): Advent Children (OVA), Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (PSP)
Song: Ghostbusters
Artist: Ray Parker Jr.
Creator: DriftRoot

avatar Retro Thursday – More Than Toast – Somebody Hates Me (Trigun)

When I think back to some of the videos I used to watch all the time as a means of cheering myself up from the deluge of High School life one video stands out. More Than Toast’s video Somebody hates me (Trigun) is just a perfect allegory for how I felt through most of my schooling days. It was the realization that while somebody hates me, at the same time I hated somebody as well, and it all just fit.

Of course, this isn’t the only reason I liked this video. It is just overall a fun little video really. The song, while the content is kinda morbid, is done in a really fun way and then putting it to Trigun, well, that just adds to the craziness. It’s just interesting to see all the different people Vash runs into who want him dead in one small place.

To be real honest, I don’t have a whole lot to say about this video. I just really like the song and the subject matter and in some way the goggles of nostalgia keep me from seeing any real flaw. Give it a watch and let me know what you think.

Video: Somebody Hates me (Trigun)
Category: Comedy
Anime: Trigun
Song: Somebody Hates Me
Artist: Reel Big Fish
Creator: nightwind15 (More Than Toast Productions)

avatar Featured Friday – Khameleon808 – The Apple Tree Feat. The Glitch Mob

Thinking back on videos I’ve seen in the past few years one video comes to mind over and over again for just being a visual romp. Khamerleon808 has always been of the editors I follow fairly religiously. His live action work sets the bar as far as I’m concerned, even taking into account AMVs. So naturally I found great enjoyment in his 15 min epic The Apple Tree.

What really grabs me about this video is just the attention to detail. It’s a romp of sync. Using music from The Glitch Mob really lends itself to heavy and sometimes jarring sync. But it all melds into an eye candy masterpiece. I just love the use of jump cuts in this video, but it is one of my favorite editing techniques.

In the end, despite using sources that I would consider sub par, the end product as a collection of the whole makes the final product transcend it’s parts to make something new and interesting. What more can I say, I really like this video. Give it a watch if you haven’t already. Sure it takes a quarter of an hour commitment, but these 15 mins you will not want back.

avatar Retro Thursday – Kayin – 500 Miles

When I think back to videos that I used to consider staples of my amv playlists one video keeps walking it’s way to the top of the list. I remember downloading Kayin’s Ryoga tribute video 500 Miles on Morpheus/Kazaa way back in the day. Of course, back then this song was pretty popular and Ranma AMVs were also pretty popular, so the pairing was just obvious. So obvious in fact that there are at least 5 different videos I have from back in the day all using this combination.

Of course, my choosing this video over the others doesn’t mean that the others are bad. In fact, one other version that came out around the same time is almost nearly identical to this video (and multiple copies are easily found on youtube) and I like it a lot as well. But in the end there is just something about this version that grabs me. Perhaps it’s the nostalgia of being the first I saw, or the obvious use of older and heavily played VHS as source. Either way, this video is one of my favorites and it is still a staple in my personal AMV collection.

Video: 500 Miles
Category: Action, Comedy, Character Profile
Anime: Ranma 1/2
Song: (I would walk) 500 Miles
Artist: The Proclaimers
Creator: Kayin (Greasy Weasel Productions)

avatar Featured Friday – Glitzer – Glorificus Bellum

When going through recent videos that I had enjoyed in the past few years one video does stand out as one of my favorites that I’ve seen from being part of AMV contests. I saw Glitzer’s Glorificus Bellum when it was entered into Anime Central’s AMV contest in 2010.

What makes this video really stand out for me is the attention to certain details that help add to the emotional impact. First, the use of the sepia tone as a color correction for the majority of the video except for specific people at specific times and only specific colors being allowed to come through. This attention to color detail really helps to enhance the mood and allow the video to mesh further with the epic music and create a feeling of the dark and often colorless truth of war.

This is one of those videos that deserves some time in the light. At least IMHO.

Video: Glorificus Bellum
Category: Action, Drama, Serious
Anime: Utawarerumono, Fate/stay night (TV), Tears to Tiara (TV), etc. (+3)
Song: The Unsung War
Artist: Keiki Kobayashi
Creator: Glitzer