avatar Another Hiatus? Explaining myself and a possitive outlook on the future of the podcast.

The short of it:

1. Personal Life got in the way the past few months. Leading to less free time to work on episodes.2. AMV.org livestreams for the VCAs took all my free time last month.
3. Encoding errors and general crud on my PC ruined my workflow, making episodes take days rather then hours to produce.
4. I plan to take the next few weeks off to re-install windows and upgrade my system as well as get to know Adobe CS6 and update and streamline my workflow.
5. More content is still coming to the website while the podcast hiatus is going on, such as Shutocon report, Blooper Reel, Older Audio Podcast Eps, more blog posts.
6. I thank every one of my followers for their paitience as I work through and resolve the issues I have with the podcast. Without ya’ll thered be no point in doing this!
7. Please comment on what you would like to see in the future for TWIAMVs. Any suggestion, any comment, good or bad, I wanna hear it!

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