avatar Featured Friday – Glitzer – Glorificus Bellum

When going through recent videos that I had enjoyed in the past few years one video does stand out as one of my favorites that I’ve seen from being part of AMV contests. I saw Glitzer’s Glorificus Bellum when it was entered into Anime Central’s AMV contest in 2010.

What makes this video really stand out for me is the attention to certain details that help add to the emotional impact. First, the use of the sepia tone as a color correction for the majority of the video except for specific people at specific times and only specific colors being allowed to come through. This attention to color detail really helps to enhance the mood and allow the video to mesh further with the epic music and create a feeling of the dark and often colorless truth of war.

This is one of those videos that deserves some time in the light. At least IMHO.

Video: Glorificus Bellum
Category: Action, Drama, Serious
Anime: Utawarerumono, Fate/stay night (TV), Tears to Tiara (TV), etc. (+3)
Song: The Unsung War
Artist: Keiki Kobayashi
Creator: Glitzer

avatar Retro Thursday – MyPsychoed – Slayers – Legend of Zelda

When I think back to videos that I cut my AMV watching teeth on there is only one that I think of that has such controversy regarding it. The funny thing is, it’s all about the song. So yes, while this does sound like it could be a SOAD song, it was actually made by an artist called Joe Pleiman and released on OverClocked Remix. More info on this fun tidbit can be found here.

As for this video, The Legend of Gourry by MyPsycohed, it is a rather fun little video. The mixture of this song and Slayers is such an obvious one. If only Gourry was as awesome as Link actually is.

Video: The Legend of Gourry
Category: Comedy, Character Profile, Fun
Anime: Slayers (TV), Slayers Next (TV), Slayers Try (TV)
Song: Legend of Zelda Theme
Artist: System of a Down
Creator: MrPsycohed (Giant X)