avatar Featured Friday – DrDinosaur – It’s all About the Washingtons

In honor of this ever more commercialized holiday season I figured it was time to talk about the love of a man, the lack of his money, and the woman he spent it all on. Yes, I’m talking about a video that single highhandedly makes any event you show it to at a con go over the 3 F*bomb limit of pg-13. That is none other then Fall_Child42’s (or Dr Dinosaur or whatever he’s going by now) It’s All About the Washingtons.

This video is just a fun video. There is just something funny about watching a guy spend 4 mins singing a song in place of using the middle finger. It’s got some pretty good lip sync going on in it too.

In the end, this is really just a lighthearted video that makes for a pleasant use of 4 mins of your day. The giggle factor of the singer actually using the F word doesn’t hurt either.


Video: It’s All About The Washingtons.
Category: Comedy, Drama, Fun, etc. (+1)
Anime: Nerima Daikon Brothers (TV)
Song: Fuck You
Artist: Cee Lo Green
Creator: Fall_Child42 (Corndog Vidvids)

avatar Retro Thursday – West – Happiness Dojo

When I think back to videos that are fun and pretty silly, there is one video that I keep going back to and that’s West’s Happiness Dojo. The idea of mixing the Happiness Hotel from one of the Muppet movies with Ranma 1/2 seems silly and a bit of a stretch at first, but after watching the video you realize there is so much craziness in the series that it just fits.

For the time that this video was made, it has some pretty good lip sync going on with it, and the characters are cast well and don’t break apart from their original castings. The whole thing just flows from one mishap to another and in the end it kind of leaves you with a smile.   This is one of those videos that I find to be a staple of fun AMV blocks as it just manages to float to the top of the list every time I build them.

Every time I watch this video it reminds me that I haven’t finished watching or even reading all of Ranma. Perhaps I should get to work on fixing that…


Video: Happiness Dojo
Category: Comedy, Fun
Anime: Ranma 1/2 The Movie: Big Trouble in Nekonron China, Ranma 1/2 OAVs
Song: Happiness Hotel
Artist: The Muppets
Creator: West

avatar Video Companion – Watch Wednesday – 11-28-2012

Companion update to the Watch Wednesday podcast episode on 11-28-2012.

Watch the playlist:

Videos featured in this episode:

MycathatesyouAMV – Menstruation Koolaid
Miley Cyrus – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Qwaqa & Minstrell – PaperHeart
James Newton Howard – Baby Monitor
James Newton Howard – The Hand of Fate Part One

NWJ – The Responsibility of Peace
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country – Trailer

Chaos Lv99 – Ray
Telepopmusic – Just Breath

StarTrinity009 – Eden Me Baby
Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe

Iliea – AMV Pop Culture (As Performed by Alchemists)
Madeon – Pop Culture

DazzlingPaw – SHUT UP.
The Ting Tungs – Shut Up and Let Me Go

pacotacoshell – The Sailor’s Cure to the Nostalgic Magical Girl
Aly and AJ – Do You Believe in Magic
Black Eyed Peas – Pump It
Arnaranth – Hunger

avatar Watch Wednesday – 11-28-2012

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avatar Review Monday – 11-26-2012

Today’s review video is:

Video: Dead Moon Masquerade
Category: Drama, Character Profile, Dance
Anime: Sailor Moon Super S: The Movie, Sailor Moon Super S, Sailor Moon Stars, etc. (+1)
Song: Hindi Sad Diamonds
Artist: Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
Creator: pink haze