avatar Review Monday – 8-28-2012

Today’s review video is:

Video: Busters 3
Category: Fun
Anime: Ranma 1/2, Ghost in the Shell, Irresponsible Captain Tylor, etc. (+261)
Song: Three Strange Days
Artist: School of Fish
Creator: E-Ko (Manic Expressions)

avatar Featured Friday – Medieval – Loss and Love

Ok, I think it’s time to get serious. One video I remember from recent years that I very much enjoyed  both as a fan and as a contest coordinator is Medieval’s video Loss and Love. He entered this video in both ACEN and Youmacon’s AMV contests back in 2005 and I remember it was one of my favorite videos from both competitions. I got the chance to meet Medieval at Youmacon that year and he has since become a valuable member of staff at the convention.

For a first video, I find this to be a great representation of the source material. My second video was to the Ah! My Goddess movie and I honestly believe this video does a better job of telling the story I wanted to tell with mine. It’s a simple video, and that’s perhaps the best part.

Seriously, I wish my own first videos were a good as this one.

Video: Loss and Love
Category: Serious, Romance, Sentimental
Anime: Ah! My Goddess (Movie)
Song: 30 minutes
Artist: T.A.T.U
Creator: Medieval

avatar Retro Thrusday – Anime Rudeboy – The Hell that is Keitaro’s Life

When I think back to the videos that really shaped my fandom back in the day I can’t think of another editor other then TommyRude, or as I better knew him at the time, Anime Rudeboy Productions. Just from the opening bumpers of his videos I knew I was in for something interesting. To this day TommyRude’s opening bumpers are perhaps my most memorable of all time, and his video The Hell that is Keitaro’s Life is among the top videos of my early years of AMV collecting.

Of course, what the video really had going for it beyond the intro and use of the manga in the video, which coincidentally was the first time I had seen someone do that in and AMV, is the faithfulness to the Love Hina story. Grant it, this is an over parodied and sureal version, but it is so close to the subject matter and feel of the series that I just can’t get over it. Grant it, at the time I saw this video I hadn’t seen Love Hina yet, but it was one of the videos that got me to watch it and seek out the manga as well.

Be a little wary viewers, this song choice isn’t exactly meant for all ages. But if you don’t mind some sexual innuendos and cursing this should be a fun video to see. Give it a look and let me know what you think!

Video: The Hell That is Keitaro’s Life .v2
Category: Comedy, Character Profile, Fun
Anime: Love Hina (TV)
Song: The Hell That Is My Life
Artist: Zebrahead
Creator: TommyRude (Anime Rudeboy Productions)

avatar Video Spotlight – Kagatoamv – Bride of Berserk

To finish out this week’s special recommendations of weird videos, I figured I would go with something a little less odd today. That’s not to say that the combination isn’t an odd one, after all, if you have ever seen Berserk, you wouldn’t exactly think of the song used as a first choice. After all, “Bring Me My Bride” from the musical, “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum,” is about a Gaston like character, which Guts isn’t exactly like.

It’s this allegory that really makes this both a funny and odd combination. At least if you have seen Berserk, you should find this funny. That isn’t to say that you have to, but I think I get a little more enjoyment out of this video because I have seen the show.

Either way, this is quite a funny video. Give it a view and let me know what you think.

avatar Video Spotlight – FoxJones – Snap of Doom

Well, since we’re already on a weird combination kick, why stop now? Today’s video is one that I wouldn’t call an odd combination, but an odd idea. As FoxJones admits, he came up with and edited this video while drunk, so it would be safe to assume that this is going to be an odd video. As always, it’s the presentation that really sells this video.

The video starts off quiet and unassuming. However, as the video continues the idea of The Crack of Doom coming soon gets more and more prevalent, building up to the final snap and it all goes downhill from there.

For using the same material over and over again I find the pacing of this video to be perfect. I can’t really say much more about this video without giving it all away, and you really need to watch it to truly appreciate it. So go ahead, give it a view, and let me know what you think.