avatar Video Spotlight – The Cyrus Virus

One video that I have fond memories of actually uses a song made by a singer that I can’t stand. Miley Cyrus is not a singer I generally enjoy and before this video I couldn’t stand her song Party in the USA. And to be honest, the first time I watched Ileia’s video The Cyrus Virus I didn’t much care for it either.

It wasn’t until ACEN 2010 that I actually started liking this video. I watched it a good 20 times or so that weekend, and in the process it grew on me. One of my favorite moments with this video at the con was when we played it for the first time during the contest and one of our staff at the sound board had seen it for the first time. The video starts and it’s extremely quiet, so he starts turning the sound up and then all of a sudden it got REALLY loud. Basically, since he didn’t realize that the video was done that way, he kept thinking the board was messing up and tried to fix it. In the end it kind of made the effect more powerful on that play through.

There was a similar event at Youmacon that same year. We decided to use the video during our AMV Wars event that was being held in main programming. The sound guy in main events is a friend of mine and he loved hosting the event in main for once (normally we would be stuck in the VAT room) but he doesn’t know AMVs very well. We decided to play the video during the event as it is a fun video that we knew the attendees at the event would love, however I forgot to warn the sound guy about the video. He though t we broke the speakers. He was running around the sound booth flipping every switch and nob he could to get the sound to work. After a little while he caught on that it was the video, but man, was he flustered after it. I later found out 2nd hand from another friend that he was supposedly pissed at me for something. So I went down on Sunday when I had a break and talked to him about it. Turns out at the time he was pissed but he was just in the end a little flustered about the video, but everything was cool. It was a good laugh amongst tech staff when they recalled him jumping around the sound booth. I was given an ultimatum that I was not allowed to use videos like that again with him at the sound board unless I warned him before hand.

I’m sure there have been similar stories about this video from other cons. I’ve linked a video below of that I recorded last year at AWA of people dancing and having fun to this video. It’s just fun, even if you don’t care for Cyrus.

Video: The Cyrus Virus
Category: Comedy, Other, Fun
Anime: Summer Wars (movie)
Song: Party in the USA
Artist: Miley Cyrus
Creator: Ileia (Corndog Vidvid’s

avatar Topic Tuesday – Delayed – Death of an Icon

Guys, in light of the topic I have planned for this week, and recent events that have prompted this, I want to spend some more time making sure I do the topic justice. With that in mind, I’m going to have to take an extra day or two to make sure I do this justice. To be honest, it has been hard to write what I want to say and I want to make sure I say it properly. So expect this week’s topic Tuesday to come out around Thursday/Friday. In the mean time I will be posting a Video Spotlight as a make-up for the lack of the standard update for today.


For those of you who don’t know or haven’t heard, Patrick Bohnet, also known as Quu, passed away earlier this week. He was a great inspiration and one of the founding members of a-m-v.org as well as pioneering the technical side of AMV Contests. He has played a major role in Anime Weekend Atlanta’s VAT, making it a contest and department that is used as a standard for AMV rooms all over. I own what I know and do as a contest coordinator to him. He was a proud father and husband who loved his family and loved cooking as much as he loved AMVs. I will miss him as will many others. He has touched so many lives, and many more lives through his work without them even knowing it.

If you would like to sign the virtual guestbook you can do so here: http://obits.dignitymemorial.com/dignity-memorial/obituary.aspx?n=Patrick-Bohnet&lc=7132&pid=158835940&mid=5186687&locale=en-US

Keep watch over the topic on a-m-v.org’s forums for word on donations for the family and other details. You can do this here: http://www.animemusicvideos.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=110151

avatar Review Monday – 7-30-2012

Today’s review video is:

Video: Redlimit
Category: Action
Anime: REDLINE (Movie)
Song: Scarface (Push It to The Limit)
Artist: Paul Engemann
Creator: snapxynith (PixelBlended Studios)

avatar Weekly Music Video Round-up for the week of 7/28/2012

It’s that time of the week again. Time for us to sit down to watch what the fan created video community has to show us in the way of new videos. As always, the live stream will begin at 8pm EDT tonight (Saturday). Feel free to tune in and watch along with me. Feel free to chat as well in the chat box below.

Once the stream is over and the saved video is available to the public I will replace the livestream widget with the saved version so anyone can come back to this post and watch it.

Watch live streaming video from thisweekinamvs at livestream.com

Transcript of videos shown during this livestream:

[19:53] * ~nate|amvstream is watching [ponys before.mp4] – [00:04 / 04:03] – [17.23MB (~72.6KB/s) – n/a – N/A]
[19:57] * ~nate|amvstream is watching [opening.mp4] – [00:04 / 01:19] – [20.18MB (~261.55KB/s) – n/a – N/A]
[19:59] * ~nate|amvstream is watching [Nostromo – Binary Overdrive [email protected]] – [00:04 / 04:47] – [248.6MB (~886.98KB/s) – 1280×720 – OpenDivX (DivX 4.0 and later)]
[20:03] * ~nate|amvstream is watching [Artofeel – 01100010 01101001 00101011 (720p).mp4] – [00:04 / 03:59] – [142.97MB (~612.55KB/s) – n/a – N/A]
[20:08] * ~nate|amvstream is watching [Ponies Royale.mp4] – [00:05 / 03:16] – [58.04MB (~303.25KB/s) – n/a – N/A]
[20:11] * ~nate|amvstream is watching [[AMV] Believe in Galge.mp4] – [00:05 / 03:55] – [77.25MB (~336.6KB/s) – n/a – N/A]
[20:15] * ~nate|amvstream is watching [[wSwans]SubtEXt.mp4] – [00:04 / 03:51] – [155.37MB (~688.74KB/s) – n/a – N/A]
[20:19] * ~nate|amvstream is watching [Soulmate.mkv] – [00:04 / 04:10] – [23.22MB (~95.1KB/s) – n/a – N/A]
[20:23] * ~nate|amvstream is watching [Nostromo – Pure Thrust [email protected]] – [00:05 / 03:25] – [199.01MB (~994.07KB/s) – 1280×720 – OpenDivX (DivX 4.0 and later)]
[20:27] * ~nate|amvstream is watching [People.mp4] – [00:04 / 05:50] – [37.53MB (~109.82KB/s) – n/a – N/A]
[20:45] * ~nate|amvstream is watching [InuXBokuSS Trailer – Nicki 013.mp4] – [00:04 / 02:43] – [112.66MB (~707.74KB/s) – n/a – N/A]
[20:48] * ~nate|amvstream is watching [Mad Mares.mp4] – [00:04 / 00:36] – [8.81MB (~250.46KB/s) – n/a – N/A]
[20:49] * ~nate|amvstream is watching [SAO AMV] – [00:04 / 03:12] – [95.95MB (~511.71KB/s) – 1920×1080 – Windows Media Video 9]
[20:52] * ~nate|amvstream is watching [Champagne Supernova – Domius[Rising Production Contest 2012].mp4] – [00:04 / 04:24] – [127.45MB (~494.34KB/s) – n/a – N/A]
[20:56] * ~nate|amvstream is watching [Nostromo – Quantum Ripples [email protected] 8b.mp4] – [00:04 / 03:45] – [155.52MB (~707.81KB/s) – n/a – N/A]
[21:00] * ~nate|amvstream is watching [Vampire Assassin.mp4] – [00:04 / 02:29] – [56.71MB (~389.76KB/s) – n/a – N/A]
[21:03] * ~nate|amvstream is watching [Bleach Narcissistic Cannibal] – [00:04 / 02:59] – [114MB (~652.15KB/s) – 640×480 – XviD MPEG-4 codec]
[21:06] * ~nate|amvstream is watching [Starcoffin-The Sixth Sense.mp4] – [00:05 / 01:04] – [4.88MB (~78.06KB/s) – n/a – N/A]
[21:07] * ~nate|amvstream is watching [Nostromo – Galaxy Bounce 2012 [email protected]] – [00:04 / 05:24] – [114.66MB (~362.39KB/s) – n/a – N/A]
[21:12] * ~nate|amvstream is watching [Derpy gets pranked HD.mp4] – [00:04 / 00:54] – [12.58MB (~238.5KB/s) – n/a – N/A]
[21:13] * ~nate|amvstream is watching [D-menz One More Time.avi-zarx264gui.mp4] – [00:05 / 02:13] – [109.8MB (~845.39KB/s) – n/a – N/A]
[21:15] * ~nate|amvstream is watching [Hagaren.mp4.mp4] – [00:04 / 04:21] – [146.38MB (~574.32KB/s) – n/a – N/A]
[21:20] * ~nate|amvstream is watching [Nostromo – Galaxy Pad [email protected]] – [00:05 / 03:21] – [99.05MB (~504.63KB/s) – n/a – N/A]
[21:23] * ~nate|amvstream is watching [warning.mp4] – [00:05 / 01:24] – [21.31MB (~259.83KB/s) – n/a – N/A]
[21:25] * ~nate|amvstream is watching [Final Track.avi-zarx264gui.mp4] – [00:04 / 25:23] – [352.04MB (~236.7KB/s) – n/a – N/A]
[21:50] * ~nate|amvstream is watching [closing.mp4] – [00:05 / 01:55] – [29.31MB (~260.95KB/s) – n/a – N/A]

avatar Featured Friday – Green Brain Problem

Talk about mixtures of sources you wouldn’t expect. Copycat Revolver’s video Green Brain Problem has perhaps one of the oddest mixtures of sources I’ve really seen. What am I talking about here? Eureka Seven and 8bit graphics from from Donkey Kong arcade games.

The story of this one? Well, from what I can tell it looks like Eureka is slowing going into madness, seeing more and more images from Donkey Kong as the video goes on. This goes to the point of being chased by DK himself. It’s one of those videos that’s really hard to explain, but is fun none-the-less. I love the jump cuts in the middle of the video making the General Dude with silver hair look a little crazy.

As the song says, I’m Impressed. Give it a watch and you may be too.

Video: Green Brain Problem
Category: Other, Character Profile, Fun
Anime: Eureka Seven
Song: I’m Impressed
Artist: They Might be Giants
Creator: Copycat_Revolver